Sunday, December 7, 2008

it's snowing!

view from my balcony

It's snowing! It's snowing! Yeah! I have been looking forward to this since earlier in the week when I saw the forcast! I feel like a little kid. I am missing seeing the snow in the woods from my window a little though. At my old apartment in my parent's yard it is all woods and you can see the snow so much better. But...I'm enjoying seeing it fall from the sky.

I had a fantastic day with my mom yesterday. We went Christmas shopping, bought poinsettias (which has become our yearly tradition), wreathes for the bridge and my patio (more on the wreath tradition in future posts), and had lunch. We ended the day at the grocery store. I really enjoyed spending time with her and feel like I haven't been able to much. It was a needed, fun day. We did talk a lot about the economy though. It worries us both for different reasons and definately effected our usual traditions. Less gifts, less poinsettias. We both used to fill the house/apartment with the flowers every Christmas. We each bought much less.

I have to admit, when I came home from my day with Mom, I felt kind of lonely. Not since I went to school in DC have I felt that. In my old apartment, my parent's house was right there. I could run over if I wanted company or be alone when I wanted. Here I usually have Cary. But with him at guard it is lonely. I don't know what I'll do if he (God forbid) goes overseas or for his long trainings. Usually I'm ok when he's gone. I think it is because I had her company all day and had such a nice time.

poinsettia and a peace lily

Anyhow. Keeping busy helps. I made some more Christmas Cards last night. Hoping to finish them today. I had to make 25 and the remaining people on my list are getting a pretty card I bought at Target. Trying to simplify for myself. Also hoping to make some funfetti Christmas cupcakes today. And then the regular old laundry and cooking supper. I love having one whole day to be home.

snow on my balcony...and my wreath! I'm excited! We are the only ones with one...hey...I don't have a yard so this is it!

Happy Sunday! Hopefully will have some card photos to post later!


toners said...

Sounds like such a fun day that you really needed! :)

Noelia said...

I wish I could spend some time Christmas shopping with my mom. I sure miss that, you are very lucky to be able to do that. When my mom comes to visit from out of town, I always feel lonely when she leaves, especially the first few days. I totally understand what you mean. My husband just bought a poinsettia and I'm searching for the perfect wreath for our front window/porch. Yours looks lovely.


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