Friday, November 21, 2008

better luck?

I'm ready to start a better streak of luck. Car stuff is (almost) resolved. My car is going to the auto body today. The insurance co. found the other driver liable (after he argued it). My apartment was exterminated for a problem we don't have. But it is done. And my stuff is (almost) all put away again. I stayed home sick with a cold yesterday. Back to work today. But it's an easy day. My students are presenting assessments and I just have to stay awake with my medicine head! Wednesday night I got my hair colored. A lot. It's back to brown but with a reddish tone. My hair hasn't been this close to it's natural color in's shocking and a little hard to get used to. With all this up-in-the-air abnormality in my life maybe it wasn't such a good idea?? The only creative thing I've done this week is buy some supplies to make a few ornaments and started knitting dishcloth #2 for my mom. I'm begining a marathon few days of work and extras before Thanksgiving. Have to get up early to be at the college's open house tomorrow...sell...sell...sell! Then I am supposed to go to a Girl's Night Dinner and scrap party (Creative Memories I think) but we'll see how I'm feeling. Then sunday I get to see my high school art teacher/mentor. We had to cancel last weekend when I was car-less!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Hopefully I'll have some art/scrap/knitting/cards to post...anything creative will be welcomed this weekend!

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scrapperjen said...

Hope all the car stuff gets worked out and you had a nice weekend!


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