Sunday, October 26, 2008

the weekend

Times Square, NYC

  • A day trip to NYC courtesy of my college's alumni assoc. My mom, sister and I spent Saturday doing some early Christmas shopping and enjoying the day in NYC. We left Boston at 7am and the bus arrived around 11ish. We left the Big Apple at 6:30 pm and got back to the quieter city of Boston at 11pm. Tired!
  • Today was spent catching up in the apartment and with errands.
  • Groceries...some special treats like Ghiardelli Hot Chocolate mix...
  • Cooking a baked chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and (by Cary's special request) cranberry sauce.
  • Baked an apple cake. Smells so good!
  • Took at trip to my LSS for some Halloween treats. Cary asked if I'd make some Halloween cards for his family to take when he goes to Guard this friday.
  • A trip to Home Goods for a few things for the kitchen.
  • Laundrey...really needed to do 4 loads but only had a enough on the little pre-paid card to do 2 loads and one load in the dryer. Hopefully they all dry. I hate when the clothes come out slightly damp. Then the apartment looks like a mess with clothes hanging everywhere!
  • May go out later to pick up a coffee table a friend is giving us...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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scrapperjen said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Fun photo.


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