Monday, October 13, 2008

too short

Cary found out some news about a family tragedy last night. I won't go into details but today I'm reflecting on how short life is and how important it really is to appreciate the now. We spent some time together which we haven't really had a chance to do recently. We went to the apple orchard...watched the baby ducks, the giant pig and the horses. Bought some apples, cider and a buttermilk maple pancake mix. Comforts it seems. Mainly we enjoyed each other's company. I drove my sister to and from work today as a favor to my parent's. After dinner and Cary left for work I ran on the treadmill. Appreciating that I can run. I can breathe, run, see, love...all the things I don't appreciate enough. Why don't I? I want to make sure I hug each of my family members the next time I see them. Appreciating that they are in my life and always have been. Appreciating that they are here now.


toners said...

So very well said, Emily.

Sandra Collins said...

wonderful post

Sarah C. said...

Sorry for the loss in Cary's family. You're right - life is too short and we don't often take the time for what's important. Glad you two were able to spend some quality time together this weekend. Wonderful post.

scrapperjen said...

Well said! Thank you for the reminder to enjoy life.


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