Thursday, October 2, 2008

remember to just play

photo of the "Fishermen at the Wheel" taken a few weeks ago - Gloucester, MA

No new photos. I have really been neglecting my camera. And all the trees are turning beautiful! I will make a point to take time out this weekend to appreciate them and photograph them. This has been a long, but ok week. Today was interesting. I took a walk at lunchtime and when I got back I was talking to my boss...I leaned back in my chair and felt a burning sting. A yellow-jacket had gotten stuck in my shirt and he didn't like it. Ouch! Stung at work. The hazards of work!

Last night I was really wanting to do some painting. Not sure why. I was never really a painter. Took my classes as an undergrad art major but haven't really done much of it since. A few years ago I got a starter set of water-soluable oil paints. They are awesome because they eliminate the need for turpentine and worrying about the rags/towels you use being combustible and the fumes. I learned about them in college when my professor had a company rep demo them. I'm really just playing around with them...we'll see. I'm really trying to just enjoy the process and not worry about the end result. Not easy for me. Just play...

I'm so proud...this week I have been working on running on the treadmill. A long term goal of mine but I never thought I could. I am working up my time. I've been able to run 20 min without stopping but decided to do an 8-wk plan I saw online instead. I started 1/2 way into the plan since I'd already started conditioning myself. So...this week I have been walking 2 minutes then running 8 minutes and repeating this cycle 3 times. It is getting easier!

This weekend Cary has guard so I have the apartment to myself. Need to do some prep for my Girl's Night next Saturday. Cary also requested (he's a goof) that I decorate for Halloween. His favorite holiday! Oooohhh....actual permission to (a) decorate, and (b) buy a few decorations!

My goal this weekend is to HAVE FUN and PLAY even when doing chores and errands!

Hope everyone has a nice Friday!

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