Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! No special plans for me. Cary is at Guard this weekend and in this new apartment complex I'm not sure if we even get Trick-0r-treaters. A little bummed about that. Might stop by my parent's and see if they do. I love seeing little kids all dressed up and excited!

Speaking of excited...I'm SO glad it's a friday and I have NOTHING to do this weekend. The last three weekends have been so busy and it's nice to have the apartment to myself with no plans. Though I do miss Cary when he's gone....I can do WHATEVER I want!

Here's what I'm hoping to do:
  • groceries. I know. Not excited but I love grocery shopping.
  • not get the cold that is going around. Not feeling great today...I will fight it!
  • go to my LSS with thier 30% off coupon. Hmm...what will I get? So many ideas.
  • work on my summer 08 mini book.
  • buy a 12x12 album for Cary's family book he is asking for. He wants a place to put some photos he's recently collected as he tries to reconnect.
  • go to an art gallery opening with my dad for an artist we both really enjoy.
  • go to the apple orchard and pick up some cider and apples.
  • clean. Hopefully Cary finally brings back the living room chair and bookcase from Maine so we can get rid of the giant plastic tubs of books we have stacked in the bedroom...then I want to pick up the coffee table a friend is giving us when he gets back next week.
  • order Sept and Oct photos and get those pages ready in my 2008 album.
  • Run on the treadmill tonight or tomorrow.
  • Laundry
  • Buy a new set of sheets and a few other small things we need at Bed Bath and Beyond...where I have a coupon.
  • take some PHOTOS!

Probably a little too ambitious...but I'll be happy if I even do half of these things.

Happy Friday!

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Sarah C. said...

What a great list of to-do's for this weekend! I especially like the shopping at the LSS part. ;) Enjoy! And have a Happy Halloween!


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