Sunday, September 7, 2008


Detail of a Chickadee card I made last weekend. This is one of my favorite little stamps. And my new favorite scalloped square punch. Friday I went out and bought a larger one!

After the trial of the flat tire...I have had a fantastic weekend! Cary was at guard so it is a little lonely without him but I had a chance to do lots of homey, relaxing stuff.
  • Cooked stuffed peppers and rice last night for my parents. This was the 1st time they've been over since the move. It was so nice to be with them and show them my space (almost) fixed up.

  • Grocery shopping. Oddly, a chore I enjoy. There is nothing better (I think) than having lots of good stuff in the cabinets.

  • Did a layout this morning and some fall cards.

  • Took a walk on the boulevard this afternoon. Nice breeze, lots of dogs playing in the water.
  • Treated myself to a mocha chip ice cream after my walk!

  • Read the newspaper out on the patio with the day being so beautiful. Unexpected given I was under the impression it was going to be rainy all day from the hurricane...but fortunately it passed through quickly (and relatively quietly) overnight.

  • Smelling a delicious mexican-like chicken soup cooking in my crock-pot. Love the smell. It was called "Tequila Chicken Soup" but I omitted the Tequila since I don't really like it. Still smells good! We'll see how it tastes later.

  • Watched/listened to episodes of my favorite show "The Gilmore Girls" while I worked on art stuff at my desk.

  • Vacuumed and cleaned up a little. Makes me feel content to have a clean house.
Also, I just talked to Cary. He's a little bummed out. Unfortuntaly he's not having as good a weekend. He is in N. Maine at National Guard and found out he needs to get his brakes done on his truck. So...he got done early from guard today and could've driven back...but can't. He has an appt for the truck tomorrow at 8am and then he'll drive the 6 hours! Yeah! He's a little down because a lot of his friends up there aren't around this weekend so he doesn't get to spend time with them. He likes staying with his unit up there because it gives him a chance to see his friends from home who he misses when he is here. Wish I could cheer him up....

Well...that's all for now. I'll leave you with a few pictures of my creations for the day!

Layout I scraplifted from someone named Ashley Calder in an old issue of Creating Keepsakes I clipped out awhile ago.

Detail of the page. I loved the original layout...lots of interested layers and details. She used a lot of fabrics in the original. I used lots of ribbon and paper scraps and various tags I've collected. On the little white brad holding the "beautiful" tag I used a sharpie marker to make the polka dots...a fun little detail.
One of the quick fall cards I made. The leaf was a leftover from the table centerpeice I posted about the other day...the sticker is an old Making Memories-Definitions...

Another leaf card...this time played around with my two different sized scalloped square punches...used a copper paper and a taupe cardstock. Added another MM-Definitions sticker.

Thanks for looking!


Krissynae said...

I love the pages and cards greated. Sorry your weekend was so lonely. When you are with someone everyday and then they are gone for a few days it is hard to describe how much you miss the interaction.

Lori K said...

Great cards and LO! I like all the tags on the Lo. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend.

Lily said...

wow, sound slike you had a wonderful day. the soups sounds wonderful...give us all the recipe. Love all the fun scrappy stuff. That layout is a knockout!


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