Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Pear tree at Uncle Donny's House

Vacation Day #6:
On my list today...
  • Visit my parent's house
  • Take a walk in my old neighborhood while Cary runs
  • Watch Criminal Minds tonight
  • Scrap my June page
  • Maybe stop at my LSS for paper for my July, Aug & Sept pages
  • Cook Fajita Lasagna...I'll try and post the recipe later. Trying it out for the first time!
  • vacuum (not fun but makes me feel good!)
  • Bring over my outdoor container garden I left at my parent's house for my balcony here
  • Eat a dark chocolate Klondike bar!
  • Finish my leisurely cup of coffee this a.m..........

Last night I had such a good night sleep. The air was really cool (almost cold in the middle of the night) and it was so nice to have the window open with a nice breeze. Today is going to be "cool" so no beach today. But probably tomorrow iwith my mom. Hope everyone has a nice Wednesday!


Lily said...

Sounds like a busy day...have a good one. Lovely photo

toners said...

fajita lasagna sounds tasty! glad you are enjoying your vacation :)

Sarah C. said...

Hope you are having a wonderful vacation! :) Fajita Lasagna sounds delicious. Very curious about that recipe.


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