Thursday, August 14, 2008

sick day, jackhammers and some cards

Card I made using a $1 clear stamp set I found at Michael's (the birthday cake and "party"). Some fun patterned paper, stickles, etc.

I am home sick today. Tomorrow I'm supposed to start my vacation...I'm off next week. But I want to kick whatever this bug is that I have before vacation. There is something going around at work and I'm getting it. Yuck.

And...overnight I was thinking how nice and quiet it is here. I can hear the crickets at night like I could at home. In the morning I can hear the birds chirping like at home. But. At 8:30 am, home sick, I could hear the jackhammers. Yes, jackhammers. Not like home.

Maybe I should have gone to work! Cary will be understandably grouchy because he works nights and this is his time to sleep.

But....this did give me a chance to upload pictures of the cards I made the other day to sell at the craft fair in October. They aren't my favorites but they are ok. I hope to make lots more this week. I also have another cute craft project to try this week that my boss did with her Arts&Crafts group at work yesterday. I'll post more later about that when I get one done!

So are a few more cards!

Baby Girl card. I used a the stork and banner sticker (can't remember the co. *sorry*), an old MM patterned paper. Another $1 Michael's stamp was used repeatedly around the edge for a border. The stamp comes out a little fuzzy so I went over it with a pen and added stickles. The card has a deckle edge that I love.

Another using the birthday cake stamp. This time I colored it in with pencil and kept the design simpler. Added a "happy birthday" stamp and some black & white patterned paper. Mounted the stamped cardstock with a dimensional sticker.

This time I used a sticker (the lavender bunch of flowers) I've had for years. It came with a set. One of the first sticker sets I bought when I started scrapping and I still love it! I added some tiny rhinestones. I mounted the sticker in the inside of the card and punched a square on the front as a window. I used some green chalk to highlight the window. Stamped "just a note" on the cover...

This one was the easiest to make but didn't come out how I had hoped. I hand-drew the flowers and stems. My vision was to keep it really simple. But I think I added too many flowers. I used a soufle pen for the polka dot border. The centers of the flowers are made with iridescent sequins. If I do this design again I think I'll add far less flowers and maybe a simpler border.

One of my favorites. I used a really old patterned paper in the background. It looks like it has hand drawn, thin lined brown and pink flowers. I stamped "happy birthday" numerous times with brown and pink ink. Instead of re-inking each time I stamped, I kept stamping so that the message came out more and more faded. I've used this technique with messages on other cards and really like how it looks. I added a Queen & Co. sequin flower highlighted with a cheapo sequin and brad. Finished it of by outlining the whole thing with a thin brown pen.

Thanks for looking!


Heather said...

Cute cards! I hope you feel better soon!

Charleen said...

love the swan. :)

Miss M! said...

Those cards are so cute! I especially love the first one. I don't stamp enough.

I'm sorry you're feeling sick, and right when you're supposed to start a vacation too! Hopefully it passes quickly and you're feeling better soon.

toners said...

I love the hand-drawn flowers!! So very pretty!

I hope you get some rest and are feeling better soon :)


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