Sunday, June 22, 2008


Wingaersheek Beach - Gloucester, MA

Yesterday was a pretty ok day. I went to the beach with my mom in the a.m and it was a nice beach day. Sunny and warm and cool when the clouds covered the sun. I hate sitting at the beach sweating to death. Later...I went to the orchard a few towns over and bought some fresh strawberries that are so much better than the ones in the grocery store. I usually go there in the fall for apples but these strawberries are going to be on my list now until they are out of season! Also found some lavender that smells beautiful. That smell comforts me - reminds me of my Grammy.

It is a very long story..but my mom recieved a box of photos from my Nana's house (her mother) who passed away last year. She even got back her wedding dress which I have NEVER seen! I was so happy that she has it now. My dream was to incorporate a peice of it someday into my own wedding dress. My nana sewed it for her and it is simple and beautiful.I am so excited about some of the pictures. Many are so neat...of my mom when she was a baby and on into high school. There are also some really nice photos of her and my dad when they were first married. My favorites are a photos of me and my mom and dad when I was first born. They looks so young! I had never seen photos like this before and I just love them. I'm definately having some copies made. And I love that we still have the rocking chair my dad was sitting in and that I recognize the porch and some of the other little details in the picture. Here are just two of my favorites...

I also loved seeing photos of my parent's house when it was first built over 30 years ago. Seeing how many things are still the same was somehow comforting. There are so many memories here. I live in the garage apartment currently so I can still be present with those memories. It is nice but soon it will be time to move on - Cary and I. But...I can always come back here and just be. It is the one place in the world that I feel really centered. I hope that Cary and I can build that in a home someday for our future children.
We are now on our way to the movies (as a family) - yes...we still do that sometimes since we enjoy each other's company! And AC Moore so my mom can get some photo boxes. I'm hoping to do a few layouts later. I did one on Friday that I'll photograph later.
And tomorrow...(or maybe tonight)...Cary comes home!

Thanks for reading - Happy Sunday!

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Heather said...

Are fresh, local strawberries wonderful! Love the old photos you shared. I like to go through them at my mom's house every so often.


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