Monday, June 16, 2008

living in the past *2006*

I don't usually like to live in the past. But today I did. In 2006 to be exact. I've been working on an album of that year every since! At the time I bought this cute metal tin lunchbox album from Basic Grey. I decided I wanted to document a little about each month that year. It was a big year for me. Lots of goal's achieved and begun. New adventures. I went outside of my comfort zone and it brought me good things. Really good things. I started exercising. I took my board certification test. I met Cary. I celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday. Maddy (my dog at the time) had a major surgury. I learned how to knit from mom. Enjoyed many simple memories with people I care about. I sold my cards at a fair. Maddy died later that summer. It was full of ups and downs but it stands out in my mind as a year of beginings and moments that changed me. Anywhow...I worked on a few pages of that *still* unfinished album!

This first page is my favorite of the three...I apologize, I'm never good at noting which products I use since I just grab whatever appeals to me from my stuff! This one has rub-ons, letter stickers and my handy date stamp.

The next two layouts were of Halloween 2006. I don't usually by holiday or themed stuff. I tend to buy all purpose papers and embellishments. That's a disadvantage when I go to make something and want cute holiday stuff. So I improvised and tried to be creative. I also tried to use stuff from my stash that hasn't seen the light of day since well before 2006! Buttons, tag, paper,...this was a fun memory to look back on. It isn't a holiday I usually celebrate a whole lot but it's Cary's favorite and since it was the first we had together it was so fun! I felt like a kid which is something he brings out and is one of the many reasons why I love him.

This was of a funny little gingerbread house we made for Halloween. It was SO much fun to make and it was fun doing the layout...

Thanks for checking out my layouts! Back to reality and the present for now...ironing clothes for work tomorrow (BOO!), heating up supper, etc. Have to remember not to eat after 7pm because I have my annual blood test in the a.m. I hate that. Normally I wouldn't want food at that time...but because I can't....

Also...7 more days til Cary comes home...YEAH!

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