Tuesday, May 13, 2008

why I write

Two Peas Blog Challenge: 10 reasons why you feel the need to write now.
  1. I am really enjoying the community of other scrapbooking, cardmaking, crafty girls who like the same things I like and take time out to really listen and see what each other has to say and show on thier blogs.
  2. To document my life as it is right now: ups, downs, excitments, disapointments, everyday stuff.
  3. Creative outlet...brainstorm ideas, share ideas, hear others feedback on projects, photos, etc.
  4. To think through my day and try and leave it in the past and move on the next day.
  5. To try and be more positive...I feel like I used to be a lot more positive and happy but lately the worrier in me takes over more than I'd like it to. Writing helps me sort through my worries.
  6. Wow. Only on #6 huh?! Don't some of my previous long answers count as more than one?!
  7. To grow more mindful of the everyday stuff of life.
  8. Sometimes I blog and write as a way of procrastinating or distracting from the things I should be doing...there are too many shoulds in life anyway and that's what I'm trying to get away from (see #5!).
  9. That's really all I got...I don't have 10!

Have a nice night everyone!

1 comment:

Sandra Collins said...

these are all great reasons to write - thanks for sharing them.


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