Wednesday, May 28, 2008

shades of green

walker creek

No layouts, cards, or art journaling today. It seems my "roll" has been broken by the boring everyday-ness of work and class. Looking forward to seting aside time this weekend again to make stuff. I'm loving having extra days at home so far this summer. It will be even nicer when my research class is done. I'm really working hard this week on being positive. Also trying to be more mindful. I'm not very good at it sometimes. Yesterday I was so rushed between work and class I felt like I wasn't enjoying anything. I need a daily reminder that
LIFE IS TOO SHORT to take EVERYTHING so seriously!
(Maybe that's what I should get a tattoo of!)
I was able to take some pictures during my walk in the neighborhood tonight. I've been struck lately by all the shades of green. Especially against the bright blue sky today. I took my camera in hopes of catching a photo of the Baltimore Orioles I have been seeing lately. They are kind of unsual around here. I remember seeing one as a kid but never since. I've been seeing them almost every time I take a walk lately. They are so vividly orange. Amazing.
I've been loving taking photos lately. I feel like I (literally) have my hands in so many different projects lately. I have been flipping between knitting, drawing, scrapping, cardmaking, photography and on and on and on. My closet full of art supplies is my evidence! It's nice feeling inspired lately but I don't feel like I'm really finishing anything or getting in depth with any one kind of art. I guess I should just LET GO and go with it. It's just where I am right now.'s a few shots from my walk...

my mother's magnolia tree

green & blue

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone reading had a nice day and I look forward to checking out blogs later tonight...


Linda said...

Lovely photos, my favorite is the one of the creek. tfs!

Creative Junkie said...

beautiful photos! I wouldn't worry that you're not getting too in depth with any one kind of art. I'd actually PREFER not to get too in depth with one because I tend to obsess over it. I'd like to be involved in several different kinds and just enjoy the process!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

wow that is your neighborbood! (paradise) I love it!

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful photos! And love that quote! So true. tfs! :)

toners said...

Emily, these are absolutely beautiful! What amazing shades of green :)


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