Monday, May 5, 2008


Today was my last day at the college! Yeah! Gave an exam, turned in my grades, evals, paperwork. Even got to go to the gym class I always went to on Monday nights after work! I feel so much better. A weight has been lifted (literally!) guy is home from guard. But I haven't actually seen him yet. I got home after he had already left for work. I won't see him 'til 2:30am...for some reason this weekend I missed him more than usual if that's possible. Well. Enough mushiness...

I love the Monday Blog Challenge posted on Two Peas today...
List 10 things you want to accomplish before it's too late. For me "too late" seems to mean different things. Primarily in regards to having children and secondarily in regards to my parents and my relationship with them. Here's my list...

1. Have children. Definately first on my list (goes with #2).
2. Get married...though I don't really think it's ever "too late" for this one.
3. Allow my parent's to be grandparents (see #1).
4. Be able to buy a home someday. A piece of land. A place to raise a family.
5. Learn how to run. I walk pretty regularly (although not as much the last few months) but I'd really love to work up to running.
6. See the sunset over the Pacific Ocean again.
7. Travel and see new places.
8. Sit and draw outside somewhere with my dad. He was an amazing artist when he was younger and hasn't drawn in years. This is a little thing but something I've always wanted to do.
9. Learn more about knitting from my mother's talented hands.
10. Relax and enjoy all these moments and more...

Thanks for reading!

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toners said...

Awesome list! The Pacific Ocean really is beautiful at sunset :) I like your goal of wanting to draw with your dad...does he know?


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