Friday, March 7, 2008


I have been doing a "Week in the Life" challenge about my world this week. It has been an interesting adventure. I'm finding it is helping me to be more mindful about what I do each day...each moment. It is helping me to notice things I ordinarily would pass by because I'm trying to photograph little peices of my day. Collecting little pieces from my life has been challenging and I think narrowing down what to include on the 8x8 pages they will be on will prove more difficult. What will people find interesting about my day in the future? What will I want to remember? How do I narrow that down? I'm a collector by nature and have trouble sometimes screening out what is the most important. I want to include everything! I was never really good at collages that overlapped images. I wanted to show all parts of the image! Anyhow, this has been a really enlightening experience. I will post a few photos later today. Right now I'm off to class...the last Intro class for a few weeks - Yeah! Spring Break next week and Good Friday the week after. I'm excited about today's lecture: its about Psychological Development Theories (the basics) and Artistic Development Theories - a topic I love, love, love!

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