Sunday, March 9, 2008


At the beginning of a season, I find myself nesting. I want to surround myself, my home, my art with the season. I'm into Spring. I'm ready! I baked some lemon cupcakes with vanilla frosting today. For some reason I am associating them with all things Spring-like!

I expected to do more scrapbooking today but I'm running out of time. My family refers to Sundays as "poison days." As the day goes by and you get to Sunday night - knowing work the following day is looming over you. Especially with daylight savings today - the day has gotten away from me. But I did start the day inspired to make some cards. In response to the Two Peas Blog Challenge the weather here today has been bright and cool. Since it's been rainy and cloudy for days it is a nice change. Feeling a little guilty 'cause I really should have taken a walk and taken advantage of the nice day. But remember I'm nesting!

I have a skylight directly over my bed and when I woke up today I saw the sun and the wind blowing the trees around over head. This wake-up combined with being inpsired by displays of flowers, pastels, green grass, crisp whites - I planned out a series of cards with the idea of newly blooming Spring trees. They are not quite finished - they need a little something. Here's one but see the series here. I'm kinda liking them...maybe I'll make something else now and enjoy a cupcake and the rest of "poison day"!

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